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Home Remedies for Cold Sores

If you have chronic lip or face sore, you do a lot of research on getting an effective remedy. Not forgetting that friends and colleagues will keep offering you all sorts of remedies. there are however a number of remedies that reportedly work with most people and you could try them when you are plagued with a cold sore.

The use of Preparation H ointment is one of them. The basic use of this ointment is for relief of hemorrhoid pain. It can be used to treat sores though. Apply it on the spot that itches with the indication of an oncoming sore. It’s more of preventive course. If you catch the sore in time before it blows up, it may never form. The the cream works by reducing itchiness and swelling.

Use of earwax is another method used though uncommon. Again at the first tingle that indicates a sore is about to form, rub a little ear wax on it.

Nail polish remover is another effective method. It has a stinging effect though. It should be applied to an already formed sore. Hold it on that spot for about five minutes then apply an antibiotic cream on it afterward. Carry on with the exercise a few times daily till the sore disappears.

Tea bags can also be used in this course. Put the tea bag on a full-blown blister and let it sit there for a few minutes. After this, apply some eucalyptus oil every few times daily.

Alcohol – Based products used in the house can also apply. There are several people who can attest to the effectiveness that rubbing alcohol has on cold sores. Apart from rubbing alcohol, other products that have alcohol as an ingredient can be used like aftershave, mouthwash, and hand sanitizers.

Garlic works wonders for sores that have blown up already. Just take a garlic clove and rub it on the sore for a few minutes. Garlic is effective against viruses and bacteria. You can also pound the garlic with a little water to make a paste so that you can apply it easily.

Another home remedy is instant coffee. Its been known to exist since the early 1970s. Crush Instant coffee granules mix with water to form a paste and then put it on the sore. You should note however that, only instant coffee dried granules work and not the common ground coffee. Note however that the popular ground coffee cannot work, only dried granules of instant coffee can be used.

You can use deodorant to prevent an oncoming sore from blowing up. The moment you notice the first sign of a forming sore, you can apply common white deodorant on the itchy spot . The deodorant works as a desiccant, therefore, drying up the blister.
There are a number of remedies for sores that work so if you are looking for a fast cure to a sore, give any of these a try.

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