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Details to Help You Understand the Fiddle Leaf Fig

You can use indoor plants to improve your home decor. Fiddle leaf figs are among the extraordinary and popular indoor plants. However, these plants need specific condition so that you can keep them alive and looking good. This article addresses everything you need to know about the fiddle leaf fig.

The fiddle leaf fig plans originate from the lowland tropical rainforests of West Africa. You can easily locate them growing wildly from Cameroon to Sierra Leone. The climatic conditions in which they originate are warm and wet and have average temperatures of between 20 and 34?. When growing in the wild, they commonly grow on top of a tree.

The fiddle leaf figs need a particular amount of water to grow and are sensitive to both being over-watered or under-watered. You don’t have to set a schedule to follow so that you can water them, but you can be watering them when you find that the top inch of soil is dry. You will eventually get a good feel concerning how often you should be watering them. You can expect the plants to need more water during summer than in the wintertime. When it is time to water them, you shall saturate the soil thoroughly until you see water coming out of the bottom of the pot. You should also keep your fiddle leaf fig from sitting in a pool of water. You can also increase humidity around the plant by misting the leaves regularly since tropical plants require a warm and humid condition.

These plants are famous in the interior design industry because they bring a lot of beauty and life to dull spaces. However, the plants cannot thrive anywhere because of their tropical origin. The location of your home can impact the possibility of keeping the plants alive and looking good or not. They need a lot of indirect sunlight, and you need to place them by windows or patio doors, with the need to rotate them often. You should avoid exposing them to direct sunlight because it can cause their leaves to become brown and fall off the stem. Temperatures are between 20 and 30? will be the best for them, but you should keep them from the cold, especially from air conditioning vents and windows.

During the growing months, feed the plants once a month, but do not fertilize them during winter months because the plant growth usually slows down in this time.

When it grows out of its pot, you should re-pot the plant or trim the root ball about annually or biannually depending on the growth. Pruning will also help you to get the plants leaves to become fuller and longer.

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