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Commercial Uses of Cannabis Sativa Industrial hemp are groups of herbaceous plants. The hemp are grown as raw materials for various medicinal and industries activities. These activities are. Production of cannabidiol (CBD) juice. The hemp plant is used in the processing of CBD juice which is used for various purposes such as. Medicinal purposes which may be prescribed by a doctor. Disease that patients may get a CBD juice prescription are. Persons diagnosed with extreme anxiety problems. Processes herbal cannabis juice reduces body chemical that is known to make people extreme irrational fear or worry. The juice is also used as an antidepressant and also lowers the stress levels of a person.
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Chronic pains. Patients may experience very extreme constant pain due to a certain ailment. The juice is said to relieve the patient of the pain.
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Also people with psychotic breaks. The juice lowers the brain activity which is attributed to causing the insanity breaks in the patient. CBD juice is also recommended for people who have epilepsy. Epilepsy patients benefit by consuming CBD juice as there are fewer occurrences of seizure attacks moments. CBD juice has been processed in such a way that its consumption will not result in person getting the feeling of consuming unprocessed cannabis. Some communities also intake raw hemp seeds as food. Companies also process and package ingredients made out of hemp products to be used as a food component while cooking. Hemps ingredients give the food an interesting flavor. The seeds of hemp plants have high levels of nutrients which are helpful to human beings bodies. Production of fiber. The plant is also processed to produce fiber which is used for making different items such as clothing and sacks. Clothes and sacks manufacturers may opt for using such hemp threads or may use it as a complement for other plants fibers. Clothes or sack made out of hemp threads tends to be durable. The hemp is also a source of building materials in some areas. There are blocks that look like blocks made out of concrete, that are processed by use of hemp tree and other materials. The only limitation is that this building blocks made out of the hemp lack structural strength to support construction of human building. The humps blocks are useful when making animals houses. Hemp trunks can be used as wood for construction of strong houses. Nowadays cannabis manufacturers are coming up with mechanisms of lowering the previously discovered adverse effect of consumption of the plant. A lot of research is focused on the processing of drugs made out of the hemp plants. Health authorities are lifting ban on uses of medical hemp provided the drugs that a minimal negative impact on the patient.