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Cannabis is also popularly known as marijuana, Indica or hemp. It is a flowering plant mostly found in tropical and damp soil climate areas Greenhouse planting has made it possible to grow marijuana in cold countries as well. Original cannabis species can be located in Africa and Asia. The number of countries that have legalized the use of cannabis is lesser than the number of countries that do not allow its usage.

Many people who grow this herb prefer to do it by themselves. Cannabis is either grown outside naturally or in enclosed areas with controlled conditions. Marijuana is either grown in soil or water or air based mediums Conducive soil, abundant light, and satisfactory water provision are the conditions suitable for cannabis growth. A variety of containers are utilized when growing marijuana indoors. Adequate artificial light is provided through fluorescent lights, LED lights, HID lights, etc. Cannabis farmers control other factors necessary for growth like temperature, humidity, ventilation and carbon dioxide levels. It takes about three weeks for the buds to dry and be used. Harvesting cannabis is only done when flowering is completed. Total care is needed as fungus, frost, and other weather conditions can damage the crop.

Cannabis can be consumed in multiple ways. The use of small pipes, bongs, paper-wrapped joints or tobacco leaf wrapped blunts are among the leading ways of hemp consumption through smoking. Heating up a vaporizer that contains oils with marijuana gives off a vapor that can be inhaled to absorb cannabis. Drinking tea which has cannabis is also an effective way of ingesting the herb.
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Medical marijuana is used to treat particular symptoms of certain illnesses. The use of cannabis to some extent is allowed for cancer, and HIV AIDS patients. It is also used by patients with chronic nerve disorders. A doctor has to prescribe medical marijuana for you to purchase it at a dispensary. Marijuana is not widely endorsed by countries due to some of its effects. The sale of medical marijuana in Colorado is only acceptable to some extent, based on the volume of the product released to the public on a daily basis. This is meant to benefit the society by restricting illegal possession of cannabis.
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To acquire marijuana, you will be prompted to provide an identification document. Only a certified doctor can approve marijuana use for an individual after evaluating them. This doctor prescribes the marijuana dose required for the marijuana treatment. The cannabis identification documents are issued by the health authorities. Dispensaries have improved their ways of marijuana provision to include deliveries to their customers. They also offer marijuana samples at specific areas like lounges.