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Three Approaches to Car Washes

Picking the right car wash isn’t as easy as it seems. Before anything else, you need to decide how much you are happy to spend, how much time you can give, and the importance of your vehicle’s resale value to you. With this nifty guide, you can pick the most suitable car wash for you.

DIY Car Wash

A manual car wash is the most time-consuming way of washing a vehicle, but it is also the most meticulous and the least likely to mess up the paintwork. When washing your car by hand, make sure to use warm, soapy water to effectively remove every bit of dirt from the paint.

After rinsing with water, dry the vehicle with a chamois leather cloth, eliminating any streaks. And don’t forget to smooth on an excellent quality protective wax. However, don’t do this in direct sunlight, and don’t let your car dry under the sun or it will end up with sunspots (spots on the car’s surface from where drops of water evaporate). This way, your car will be sparkling clean, the process only good for about two hours if done the right way.

Hand Car Washing Service

If you have no time to do this yourself, you can go for a hand car washing service. This may be the priciest method, but you can usually expect great results, and you’ll even be able to save a good amount of time. Several car washing services these days offer a valeting service, meaning the interior of your car can be cleaned too and not just the exterior. When choosing a hand car-washing service, make sure that they are adequately insured in case your vehicle is damaged during the service.

There are as well many mobile waterless car washing services today, which use various types of products for cleaning your car. This is surely worth considering if water restrictions are an issue in your area.

Traditional Automatic Car Wash

Finally, there is the good old-fashioned automatic car wash. This is your quickest and least expensive car wash option available. A lot of gas stations offer an automatic car wash, but they usually have brushes that are too tough to be safe for your paintwork (they often leave tiny scratches). After a while, these scratches hoard dirt, causing your paintwork to look dull, or even lead to rust if they are deep enough.

If you want to maintain your paint – and car value – for a long time, you should avoid this option and stick to a by-hand car washing service instead. Definitely, not all manual car wash services are created equal, but you should already expect this. So you need to do a bit of research to know which one is worth your trust.

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