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Reason Why Your Website Ranking Is Dropping

But as much as you want people to find your website, you should be willing to accept the fact that your ranking on the search engine can change at any time.Therefore you should learn why your rankings change and how to change that.The most crucial thing that affects your rankings is SEO which is short for Search Engine Optimization.

A keyword is a phrase which helps users search for your contents, products, and services easily on the internet. Therefore you should be careful in choosing the right keyword but if you don’t your website ranking is going to drop significantly. Another reason why your website rankings are low is that your website is not spider-friendly.

If this is true, then you may be able to see our website rank on the first page of Google. However, the rankings disappear after a few days Fresh incoming links are one of the things search engines love and having them is one of the ways to ensure your site has a lot of people linking to your site and viewing your content.

Lack of a mobile-friendly website is another reason for causing a drop in your site’s ranking.According to Google the most popular search engine says having a mobile-friendly website is a must do for any website owner. Having good content is the ingredient for your website as that is what decreases or increases its ranking and impact your site viewers.

Therefore ensure your site has rich and quality content and not forget to ensure the content is original.Lack of original content means your site’s contents are duplicate which is brings us to another cause for low rankings that are publishing duplicate content.

This is because your linking is unstable and hard for a user to link directly to you on your site.Therefore, it is better if you can be able to stop asking for links and rather get people to link to you willing.

the best thing to do is to search using another browser without logging in to your Google accounts this ensures you see results that any other user sees as well. This is because Google uses your title tags for relevancy on your site. If you make changes try searching on the search engine and track the results if whether your rankings have dropped.

Even so, after updating you might notice your rankings haven’t changed that much. To be able to identify invaluable content you can perform content audits this will help to deal with invaluable content.

Thus you should aim at improving your products and service providing and do your best to keep up with your competitors.

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